The 6th Workshop on Algorithms and Models for the Web Graph (WAW2009)
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February 11:

 The  WAW2009 Proceedings are available on-line at Spinger.

February 6:

The program has been updated 

December 18: 

 The keynote abstracts have been updated.

December 15: 

 The Registration is open.

December 3:

WSDM-WAW student grants are available.

November 24:

The Program and the Venue have been updated.

November 5:

We are pleased to announce that  Ravi Kumar (Yahoo! Research)  will be the speaker of the joint plenary session of WSDM2009 and WAW2009.

October 14:  

We are pleased to announce that our keynote speaker is Josť Fernando Mendes (University of Aveiro).

September 20: 

The dates of WAW2009 have been shifted by one day, from February 11-12 to  February 12-13 2009. This will reduce the time overlap between WAW2009 and WSDM2009 held on February 9-12, and provide a better opportunity for interactions among WAW2009 and WSDM2009 participants.

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